Blondie Branding was created with the belief that branding is an all-encompassing term, not just meant to describe a company’s marketing plan. 

Branding impacts everyone in their day-to-day lives.

You’re driving to work at see a billboard for a lawn care company.

Or maybe

your lawn care company has dipped in sales and needs a marketing refresh.

You’re shopping online and see a sweater that’s on sale.

Or maybe

your clothing business is brand new and you need help getting started.

You’re sitting in a job interview across from the manager going thru your resume.

Or maybe

you’re reviewing resumes from applicants trying to fill a position.

We brand companies by working with them on their advertising and consumer reach.

We brand the products that businesses produce so we can assist in achieving those sales goals.

We brad the individual person thru their resumes, business cards and biography writing.

BRAND your company. BRAND your products. BRAND yourself. Blondie Branding is your ultimate marketing resource.

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How it all started


Mercedies got her start in branding as a freelancer when she completed copywriting for social media marketing campaigns while pursuing her degrees.

From there, her skills and her motivation to excel in the industry grew every day.



Mercedies currently holds a BFA in Creative Writing, a BA in Women’s Studies, and an MFA in Writing. She uses the tools she gained during her academic pursuits in her work on a day-to-day basis.

Dedication to service


Mercedies has always been in the mindset of helping others. 

She’s been enlisted in the US Army since 2011 as a Chemical Operations Specialist and has served on emergency hazmat response teams. Today, she teaches chemical defense readiness in her current role.

She continues to give back to her community thru volunteer work, and is a strong supporter of Trust Vets and Chisago Lakes Beyond the Yellow Ribbon.

Mercedies is a Taylors Falls, MN resident with her husband and their children.